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What is Reiki

“Reiki” (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’. The word also describes a system of natural healing – or energy therapy. Energy therapies are based on the belief that disturbances in energy fields in and around the body result in illness. By improving the flow and balance of energy , we can can improve our all-round health and sense of wellbeing.

Reiki will restore your body’s energy balance and set in motion its natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a beautiful treatment – beautifully simple. You lie on a couch. You relax. If you can’t lie down, then you can receive the therapy from a seated position. What matters is that you’re comfortable.
Reiki will pass through anything – even plaster casts – so you remain fully clothed. I gently place my hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body. If you prefer, this can be done without touching.

Treating the ‘whole you’

I use Reiki to treat specific symptoms, but we do this through the holistic approach of treating the ‘whole you’. Each session lasts around 40 minutes + consultation time.

Gift vouchers available – a beautiful gift for a loved one or friend.

All Reiki treatments £30.

Distance Reiki

Sometimes in-person Reiki isn’t possible. We agree a time in advance. You allow yourself to relax in a comfortable position, seated or lying down, preferably somewhere where you will be undisturbed. If you need to get up and move around, that’s okay. What matters is that you give the treatment the best chance of success by making sure you’re relaxed in mind and body.

I am trained in Usui, Tibetan and Karuna Reiki.

Reiki Training

You learn Reiki in three stages. Each stage is complete in itself. Many people only complete the first stage while others progress to Reiki Master, allowing them to teach Reiki to others. All courses include the opportunity to give a Reiki treatment to another person (with me to guide you).

You’ll learn in the same traditional way I learned, using traditional techniques. Training is usually 1:1, although, depending on demand, you can learn in a small group. Have you completed part of a Reiki course elsewhere? No problem. You can pick up from where you left off.

Reiki 1 – Usui & Tibetan

Reiki 1 is the first level of Reiki, and effectively “switches on” the power.  It is used for self-healing and personal use (friends and family).  This is a one day course.

The course includes-

  • History of Reiki
  • What is Reiki?
  • Reiki lineage
  • Principles of Reiki
  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Hand positions
  • Self-treatment
  • Treatment of others
  • Chakras
  • Uses of Reiki
  • Attunements

Manual, certificate and lunch included – £130

Reiki 2 – Usui & Tibetan

Having practised Reiki level 1 with family and friends, you can move on to level 2. This involves a commitment to self-development and healing others.  This one-day course is entry level for a practitioner

The course includes-

  • Reiki symbols – meaning & use
  • Distance healing
  • Scanning
  • Beaming
  • Exercises to enhance Reiki energy
  • Attunement
  • Using a pendulum to check chakras are balanced
  • Communicating with clients
  • When to refuse to give treatment
  • Practicalities of running a Practice
  • Legalities – GDPR etc

Manual, certificate and lunch included – £160

Reiki Master – Usui & Tibetan

Reiki Master is the teacher level, although you can take this purely for spiritual development purposes. This is a two-day course.

The course includes

  • The role of the Reiki Master
  • Room clearing
  • Reiki in a chair
  • Master symbols and use
  • Attunement
  • Attunement practice
  • Attunement and the use of crystals
  • Reiki Psychic surgery
  • Planning and delivering Reiki courses
  • Exercises to enhance the Reiki energy

Manual, certificate and lunch for both days included – £400

Mikao Usui – founder of Reiki
Mikao Usui – founder of Reiki
A book about Reiki

Karuna Reiki®

Karuna Reiki® is only available to Usui/Tibetan Masters who have been a Master for at least six months.  This is an intensive two-day course.

Karuna Reiki® brings in more potent healing energies that heal a wider range of difficulties more quickly. There are nine sacred symbols (Tibetan/Usui Master symbols and the Fire Serpent are also used).  Karuna Reiki® evolved out of Usui and Tibetan. It translates to mean ‘compassionate action’.

The course includes

  • Registration with the International Center for Reiki Training (one-off payment)
  • Smudging
  • Meditations
  • Symbols and their uses
  • Attunement to symbols and practise attunements
  • Chanting and Toning

Certificate and lunch on both days included – £400 + manual (around £30).

Karuna Reiki® is a registered trademark of The International Center for Reiki Training.

I recently started attending sessions with Cindy via Zoom meetings. These included talking therapy and positive strategies and also some Reiki healing. These sessions are working very well and I am pleasantly surprised by the power of the Reiki healing via this technology.

I would recommend Cindy to anyone as she makes you feel calm and relaxed throughout.


“Many thanks for taking me through my Reiki Master course. It was a lovely day which I never thought I would ever do. I really enjoyed working with you and appreciated your patience, knowledge and understanding care. Finding the right Reiki Master is hard but I know I couldn’t have found anyone better to have worked with.”


“A massive thank you to Cindy for helping me to achieve my Reiki 2 qualification! Here’s to many more years working together! I am fortunate to have you as my Reiki master!”


Where you’ll find me

My premises is in Roade, Northampton NN7
with free on-road parking – accessible by buses numbered 33, 33A and X6.
For many of my services, we can work remotely, using Zoom or Skype
I also offer Reiki distance healing

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Wolseley House, Priory Crescent,
Roade, Northamptonshire NN7 2NF

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Mobile:   0797 4443363

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