I recently started attending sessions with Cindy via Zoom meetings. These included talking therapy and positive strategies and also some Reiki healing. These sessions are working very well and I am pleasantly surprised by the power of the Reiki healing via this technology. I would recommend Cindy to anyone as she makes you feel calm and relaxed throughout.

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Cindy had recommended an activity called Rewind, an activity where I had to go back to a specific moment that had always played on my mind and made me instantly feel angry and frustrated. Since that activity, I have not once thought about that moment and I have managed to stay calm and stable. Miracle. I feel more capable of…

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Cindy offered skilled and friendly guidance whilst we worked together, looking at each area of my life that could be improved. I really found our coaching sessions helpful and would highly recommend trying the Rewind technique to anyone whose past traumas may be still affecting them in the present. Thank you Cindy for all your support, positive encouragement and sincerity.

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